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Brushing, smoothing and polishing


Born in 1968 as stainless steel finishing service center, the Group with its nearly 50 years of experience reaches a qualitatively excellent level for all the products.

Four brushing plants allow us to supply coils and sheets in Scotch Brite ™ finishes, with several different finishes.

Sidermariotti can process coils with a maximum weight of 25000 Kg, thicknesses from 0.4 to 5 mm, width from 250 to 1600 mm, as well as sheets of 0.8 to 4 mm thick up to 1600 mm wide.

BRUSHING MACHINES Most of the products with brushed aesthetic finishes are based on mechanical polishing. They involve the use of abrasive materials that affect the surface of the steel to a certain depth, depending on the type of process involved. The appearance of smooth surfaces depends on the material and the grain size of the abrasive belts.

SUPER MIRRORS SUPER MIRRORS is a very high-gloss ultra-gloss steel finishing made by both mechanical and chemical polishing of the surface of the steel. This surface has a very rough surface roughness of 0, and thus less contamination with external agents. Due to the inevitable process of opacity that occurs in cold deformation processes, this material is not suitable for molding.

SCOTCH BRITE™ SCOTCH BRITE™ is a surface treatment that gives to the stainless steel - unique in its kind - a brushed, but at the same time uniform and brilliant appearance. The surface of the steel has a roughness greater than 0 but appears smooth to the tactile contact, not compromising moldability. Scotch brite finish is obtained in most cases by the use of rotating brushes synthetic fibers (nylon) impregnated with abrasive granules.

BRUSHED BRUSHED is a surface treatment of steel that is based on the use of abrasive cloth strips of various branches. This process produces a surface with a bigger roughness than SCOTCH BRITE and usually represents a surface preparation for other applications.